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When the rays of the sun fall on solar modules placed on the rooftop of houses, commercial building or industries, the individual cells inside the module help convert sunlight into DC electricity. However, most appliances in our home work on AC electricity, and therefore the modules are connected to an inverter which does this conversion. Once the conversion has happened, the output of the inverter which is AC electricity, is connected to the mains of your home to allow you to use solar energy.

It is important to note that you can use electricity from your rooftop solar power plant in conjunction with the electricity sourced from your DISCOM. This kind of arrangement is very common and one that solar installers are expert at managing. However, if you want to go with a system that is backed by a battery to help you use solar at night time, you must go for a hybrid or anĀ off grid system.

Tower Rooftop

Solar towers are used on solar farms to help panels maximize the amount of generated power. Solar towers are motorized to move with the sun, which results in a higher electrical output. Additionally, because solar farms are not limited in scale to the size of a rooftop, multiple solar panels can be affixed to one solar tower, adding to the amount of power that can be produced.

As with rooftop solar, the power generated from solar panels on a solar farm is channeled into the utility grid to produce electricity for all utility customers. Consumers who have purchased panels on a solar farm get paid for that power their panels produce, which helps offset energy bills while decreasing utility reliance on fossil fuels.

Ground Mounted Solar

You will most frequently find ground mounted solar panels on solar farms, and it is likely to be the first thing that you associate ground mounted solar panels with. After all, when we think of solar power for our homes, the first image that we get is panels that are mounted on rooftops. After all, it is seen as the best and most effective way of generating solar power for your home. However, ground mounted solar panels can be just as cost effective, easy to install, and efficient, as their roof mounted counterparts.

Getting Ground Mounted Solar Panels Installed

Most installers will be able to offer you a ground mounted solar array as an installation option. One of the great things is that the price for this system is actually around the same as a rooftop solar array. If you decide to install the tracking features, you will have to pay a larger initial cost upfront, but the resulting increase in electricity production can make a tracking system much more cost effective for a large number of homeowners.

When you go to look into your ground mounted solar system being installed, the best thing for you to do is make sure you get a few quotes from different suppliers. This will also help you to determine what you want from your new energy supplier.

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